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  Shanghai March is located in Shanghai ,China. A unique company producing saddlery in accordance with current standards from international markets all over the world.
     We are the professional manufacturer and exporter of horseshoe nails,farrier tools,horseshoes, farrier apron in China since 1986. March products enjoy the excellent quality and very competitive price, which have been exported to 60 countries in North America, South America, Europe, South Africa and Oceania. Nowadays, a lot of famous brands are produced by us. March products are guaranteed. Made by professional technicians and a professional work team, your satisfaction is guaranteed.
     March is flexible and able to satisfy specific demands you may have, while keeping prices very competitive,we can produce nearly one hundred types and sizes of nails.
     Currently the product line consists of horseshoe nails, horse shoes, and farrier tools. Please visit our company if you are interested in saddlery products. March products are your best choice for quality products.